LadyBug Menstrual Hygiene Initiative

Our 1st initiative will address the issue of period poverty by distributing menstrual supplies to women and teens in need. So many are not aware of this global health issue affecting women and girls around the world. One in ten girls in Africa miss school during their menstrual cycle each month, setting them almost 145 days behind their male classmates. Poor menstrual hygiene can lead to reproductive infections. We are advancing the cause of women’s health in communities around the world by providing essential hygienic resources.
Around the world, 40 million girls and women are affected by period poverty. We understand how menstrual hygiene supplies support our everyday duties and make obtaining life goals that much more achievable. GWHP aims to eliminate the stress women have when lacking hygiene materials for their menstrual needs.

STI Education Initiative

Sexually transmitted infections are caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites transmitted through unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex, as well as skin-to-skin genital contact. Infection precedes disease and transmission can occur without showing signs of active disease. STI’s are common throughout all nations. We are dedicated to providing necessary education to help reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections.